“Pan-Afrikanism: From programme to philosophy” is the only book in the world to provide clear lucid and simple explanations of the liberation strategies of Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah and Malcolm X.  Historians have been naturally concerned with reporting the facts of the lives of these great Pan-Afrikanists and it is for activists to place these facts in the context of liberation strategies and action plans - that process is kick started in it.  In addition:

  • It provides the clearest succinct explanation of international capitalism’s parasitical dependence upon Afrikan people likely to be found anywhere;
  • It provides the clearest and fullest explanation of scientific socialism possible at this point in history and explains why it is consistent with Afrikan principles and culture;
  • It introduces the notion of the greater cycle of revolution which examines and locates revolution not as an incident, but as a process in the context of the entirety of human history;
  • Through an examination of universal principles, it locates the material base of the two opposing sets of ideologies that guide human activity and identifies the natural position of Afrikan culture in that milieu; and finally,
  • Through a newly devised set of dialectical tools, it provides a powerfully clear philosophical analysis of matter as a basis for uncovering and understanding the universal laws required to guide the Afrikan liberation process.


“Pan-Afrikanism: From programme to philosophy” is a long overdue and much needed source book on the theory of Pan-Afrikanism.  For people new to Pan-Afrikanist activism or those who simply want to understand what Pan-Afrikanism is, this book gives the clearest theoretical guidance available from a single source.  For seasoned cadres and veterans of the Pan-Afrikanist movement, it is a checkpoint providing a useful frame of reference for assessing, orientating or even refocusing the trajectory of their activities.  It is a book which ideally should be studied collectively in groups, particularly by groups genuinely working towards the liberation of Afrika and her people in the context of worldwide revolution.

Pan-Afrikanism: From Programme to Philosophy

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