When we (Afrikan people) were oppressed under slavery and colonialism our ancestors knew it; they also knew that they had to remove these oppressive systems in order to be free.  Now we live in the neo-colonial phase of Afrika’s history and most of us don’t know what it is.  If we don’t know it, we can’t understand it; if we can’t understand it, we can’t consciously do anything to challenge it; if we can’t challenge it, we can’t get rid of it; if we can’t get rid of it, we will remain stuck in it; if we remain stuck in neo-colonialism, Afrika can’t be liberated and we won’t be a free and self determining people.  The critical task before us therefore, is to raise our collective consciousness of neo-colonialism and how to defeat it in Afrikan communities everywhere.  “Pan-Afrikanism: The Battlefront” contributes to that raising to better equip us for Afrikan liberation process.


“Pan-Afrikanism: The Battlefront” provides a thorough analysis of neo-colonial mechanisms and processes by which the capitalist system arrests Afrikan development.  By facilitating a grounded understanding of how neo-colonialism holds us back, it lays the foundation for corrective actions.  “Pan-Afrikanism: The Battlefront”:

  • Introduces readers to some basic concepts of war;
  • Explains how control of the resources of Afrika was the hidden reason behind World Wars I and II;
  • Links neo-colonialism to its roots in the enslavement and colonisation of Afrikan people, exposing it as their modern manifestation;
  • Examines the origin, development and intricate workings of neo-colonialism and its adverse impact on Afrikan people;
  • Exposes how a wavering neo-colonialism is altering its form in a desperate and increasingly vicious attempt to increase its life span;
  • Exposes the appointment of Afrikan President Obama, as an act of counter-insurgency and containment against Afrikan people in quest of liberation; and
  • Exposing Zionism as settler colonialism and genocide, which whilst operating as a junior, but powerful partner in imperialism, actively undermines the interests of Afrikan people.


“Pan-Afrikanism: The Battlefront” should be treated as an introductory and grounding text, laying the foundation for a fuller understanding of the essence of the economic and political problems confronting Afrikan people in the world today.  As with the other books in the series, it should be studied collectively in groups, particularly by groups genuinely working towards the liberation of Afrika and her people in the context of worldwide revolution.

Pan-Afrikanism: The Battlefront

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